Sterling and Six was founded in 2017 by Jack Garrity. Taking inspiration from the force by which gravity compels interactions in our universe, Sterling and Six pursues bold style through sustainable methods. With its beginning in Brooklyn, NY, Sterling and Six pushes the standards of material sourcing and design process, relying on relationships made throughout the design community in New York and beyond.

Jack Garrity graduated from Connecticut College in 2013 after studying architecture and art. He worked in construction in Boston before attending the Career Discovery program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His experience in design and construction forged his desire to throw himself into the fine detail of furniture craft in the Fall of 2014 and move to Brooklyn, NY. His training has involved working for two of the premier furniture makers in Brooklyn as a woodworker and a finisher.

Sterling and Six understands that humans play a large role in the health of our environment. In order to ensure that our products contribute positively to our community, we must begin with how we take care of ourselves. From our design process, to our communication style, our relationships, our work environment, our manufacturing process, our waste management, and beyond, we believe that sustainable design begins in the health and happiness of the maker. Our company’s mission is to explore our relationship to our environment through design, research, and experimentation as mechanisms. We hope to create work that evokes the raw, sensitive nature of all living things, and awakens the curiosity in each of us for things in the world we don’t quite understand.

We believe the best way to learn is by doing.

Jack Garrity




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