Dymaxion Design was founded by Jack Garrity in 2015.  Guided by the vision and teaching of the fathers of sustainable design, Dymaxion Design uses  dynamic ideas, maximum efficiency, and energetic tension to pursue bold style and organic methods. With its beginning in Brooklyn, NY, Dymaxion Design will lead the vanguard in American Sustainable Design of fine furniture and stitched goods.  

Dymaxion Design's mission is to make furniture and craft that is not only sustainable for our environment, but inspired by and productive for our environment. Not all craft spends its whole life in the same home. As wood becomes table or chair, we should consider it a new phase in its life before it returns to the earth like everything else.  In order to do that properly, Dymaxion Design makes all its furniture with sustainable materials and methods. 


De Islas Fabric + Wallpaper